Older Adult Couple Trapped in Years of Trash

The Chicago Tribune reports a tragic story on its front page this morning:

An elderly couple who authorities described as hoarders were found buried alive under mounds of trash in their South Side two-flat Monday night and may have been there for as long as three weeks, authorities said this morning.

“It (the residence) was packed from floor to ceiling,” said Police Lt. Dale Kingsley.

Police conducting a well-being check at the request of a neighbor about 6:30 p.m. in the 1500 block of East 69th Street in the Grand Crossing neighborhood detected an overpowering odor and called the Fire Department to make a forced entry, police said. A photo of the couple’s kitchen:

A fire official on the scene said couple had not been heard from for three weeks and the 75-year-old woman had injuries that resembled rat bites. Both she and her 76-year-old husband were taken to Jackson Park Hospital in critical condition, but a nurse there said this morning their conditions were improved, although they still were in intensive care. The stench was so strong that fire personnel had to don hazardous material suits to deal with the debris. . .

David O’Neal, the brother of the woman carried from the residence, said it has been 6 to 8 years since he has spoken to her. O’Neal, who lives in the suburbs of Seattle, said since he last saw her, he has tried calling her once a month but hasn’t been able to reach either her or her husband.

Read the rest of Elderly Couple Trapped in Trash.

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  1. This sounds similar to the Collier Brothers story (NY). If you haven’t read that one, you may be interested so do a search. Stories like these can be interesting for seminars to professionals.

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