Food for Thought on a Summer Night

I was at a backyard graduation party last night when an acquaintance politely asked me to remind her about what I “do.” Though I “do” lots of different things, I knew what she meant: how did I earn a living. Most people marginally understand what an association is, but I was soon surrounded by a circle of puzzled looks when I launched into the whole senior move manager thing. One guy stepped back from the circle and laughed heartily, “I won’t need one of those because I have four kids.”

The assumption, I guess, is that his kids will know how to execute the million little details that are part of the downsizing and relocation process. He also sounds pretty sure that his offspring will have the time, energy, and inclination to pull the whole thing off. I had to laugh a bit because his oldest child is only 17 years old. No one knows how the future will unfold. The conversation drifted to something else, and I made my way to the buffet table.

On the way home, I had another thought: What will that guy do in Chicago when his own parents need help in Cleveland? The funny thing is that even individuals with a large, caring family will likely seek out the services of a senior move manager in the future. Everyone is exhausted and overwhelmed, trying to manage work obligations, family activities, and the layer of stress that hovers over all of it.  Others don’t live anywhere near family members. Senior move management has emerged to fill the gap. Also, hiring a senior move manager is like hiring any other professional: sure, you can do it yourself, but do you really want to? Also, to do it well requires the attention of experts.

Aging issues do not inspire the most stimulating conversations at summer parties, but they definitely serve up some food for thought.

2 thoughts

  1. After dealing with more than 270 families looking for assisted living arrangements at a CCRC and recent dealings with families in crisis, I have come to realize that even loving families don’t deal with parents’s possessions the way their parents might wish. If anyone has a strong sense of how things should be rolled out they owe it to themselves to make plans with professional helpers.

  2. Ironic timing to read this blog. I just received an email from a Marketing Director saying “Your services are wonderful for our seniors who don’t have families”. I was compelled to respond to her in a “couldn’t resist” note saying, “90% of our jobs are for clients who have family in the area. They may not want their kids to assist for a number of reasons include: there may be family dissention or they may be working and busy with their own lives, not being able to afford taking time off work to help, they may not want their kids telling them what to do (what to take and what to leave behind). She responded with a “Good to open my eyes up and learn” comment. There are all sorts of reasons that families are or are not involved as well as why people chose to use our service. There are also many myths about who and why people use senior move management. It’s our job to educate, educate, educate.

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