CNBC Calls on NASMM For Senior Moving Expertise

It started like any other day – bagel, Diet Coke, and email. Then, mid-morning, a major cable network called the NASMM office. Wow!

CNBC called us about 10 days ago, seeking a connection with a senior move manager who was (or is) involved with moving a mature client from one part of the country to another, specifically to preserve retirement assets. A call went out to the entire membership, via the NASMM member listserv, and we received scores of replies. In just five hours, we fielded more than 30 calls or emails regarding possible client case studies that followed the CNBC guidelines. Also, the CNBC folks let us know “straight up” that time was of the essence. Not surprisingly, we operated on a very tight schedule, as they were only four days out from air. Additionally, the segment’s producer sought to tape in two locations: where the client moved from and where they had settled post-move.

Yikes! The race was on . . .

After reviewing the various client scenarios NASMM members submitted, the CNBC producers settled on one NASMM member, Susan Devaney, and her company, Moving Mavins, in northern New Jersey. Susan and her delightful 69-year-old client, Noreen, are featured in the segment that aired yesterday. Congrats to Susan, and many thanks to all the NASMM members who took the time to answer our plea. Please check it out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One thought

  1. There is nothing one can do to influence what the media, in this case CNBC, mentions or doesn’t mention in their story. It’s too bad Susan’s company was recognized for selling the home but not for the move. Oh well, at least CNBC knows that NASMM exists! Kudos to everyone.

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