Wishing You a Heart-Centered Holiday Season

For the last two weeks, Jennifer and I have received lovely holiday greetings from so many of our NASMM members across North America: quick, spirited phone messages, musical e-cards, old-fashioned US mail-Hallmark holiday cards, and several thoughtful emails. A few thoughts occur to me as a result: 1) NASMM is truly a professional family of elder care service providers and 2) the individual drawn to the field of serving older adults is a special person, indeed. We are truly blessed to work for people who also value their clients and each other in this way.  

While some NASMM members know the two of us well enough to say, “Merry Christmas,” others have walked that politically-correct and respectful line of wishing us “Happy holidays!” We are grateful for the profoundly generous spirit in all of it, but I took special note of the member who extended her warm wishes for a “heart-centered holiday season.” This sentiment, covering every religious (and non-religious) category, was striking for its raw honesty. I just stopped, as I read her email, and took a deep breath. I read it again and again. Not to overstate it, but that one, simple sentence sort of changed the season for me this year. In a good way!

When I am overly stressed by holiday decorating, menu-planning, baking, gift-wrapping, and the rest – all while planning our conference in three weeks for over 300 people – I stop and remember her words: “. . . heart-centered holiday season . . .”

Please know that Jennifer and I wish each of you the most heart-centered of holiday seasons ~

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