NASMM Grows Up . . . With a Little Help From a Friend

For the first time ever, NASMM has created a legacy award – to honor an individual for his or her outstanding contributions to the field of senior move management. The award is named for NASMM’s Founding Board President, Margit Novack of Moving Solutions and eSMMart in Philadelphia, PA. NASMM’s current Board President, Kim McMahon of Let’s Move LLC in Clarksville, MD, introduced the award to an attentive crowd at the 2011 NASMM Conference in FL last week:

In 2010, the Board of Directors of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) chose to establish an award to honor a Senior Move Manager who has made significant contributions to NASMM, in particular, and to the profession of senior move management in general. The award is named for NASMM’s Founding Board President, Margit Novack of Moving Solutions in Philadelphia, PA, for we can think of no one who has contributed more to NASMM’s growth and success than Margit.

The Margit Novack Award for Outstanding Contributions to Senior Move Management recognizes an individual for outstanding professional leadership and exemplary service to NASMM, and actively supporting and facilitating the NASMM mission. Additionally, the Margit Novack Award recognizes an individual who has shown exceptional commitment to NASMM by building professional partnerships and mentoring others in the field of senior move management.  In making this award, the Board is recognizing services performed by an individual that are above and beyond those traditionally offered by a volunteer member.

Margit Novack is a pioneer in the Senior Move Management industry. Since 1996, Margit has operated Moving Solutions, one of the largest Senior Move Management businesses in the United States. In 1999, Margit helped build national awareness of Senior Move Management when her company, Moving Solutions, was awarded the American Society on Aging’s (ASA) Business and Aging Award. In 2001, Margit initiated the first formal training program in the industry for new business owners. In 2002, Margit became the Founding President of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). In 2007, Margit launched eSMMART, the first web-based industry training program and the only program designed for both senior move management business owners and employees. Margit continues to operate an on-site business development program to help new business owners create successful businesses through best practices, proven sales techniques and state-of-the-art operational systems.

Recognized as an industry expert, Margit has been quoted in numerous national publications including Time Magazine, The New York Times, the Washington PostAARP and National Public Radio, among others. Margit speaks frequently at national conferences on topics related to senior relocation, entrepreneurism, hoarding, and marketing strategies for individuals working with the 50+ market.

What you may not know is Margit displays exceptional “behind-the-scenes” leadership in a variety of areas on behalf of NASMM.  In short, Margit is an ambassador for NASMM. Margit is always connecting the NASMM Board and staff with other leaders in aging services and entrepreneurship. In fact, more than a few conference speakers at the last several NASMM conferences are the direct result of Margit’s introductions and encouragement.

Speaking of conference speakers, Margit has long served as a role model to the senior move management community. Each June, Margit is always one of the first NASMM members to step up and submit an education proposal for the next NASMM Conference. For her conference education sessions, Margit almost always brings together a panel of other experienced NASMM members, because Margit really lives the adage of “There’s no ‘I’ in team.”

In these sessions, Margit and her colleagues provide conference attendees with tips, tools and “lessons learned” that would take new senior move managers several years to discover. Why does she so generously share her experience and expertise? She does so because she cares deeply about the future of the senior move management profession.

Margit seeks out opportunities to serve NASMM, and actively participates as a passionate, articulate and trustworthy spokesperson on behalf of NASMM.  For example, when NASMM needed to develop a Welcome to Senior Move Management webinar to more effectively respond to the many requests for information about senior move management, Margit voluntarily created and recorded the module – for no compensation and with no questions asked. Today, NASMM has distributed well over 100 of these webinars in the last year. Many of you who purchased it are sitting here today as full general NASMM members.

When we approached Margit a second time, regarding NASMM’s new membership requirement in Ethics and Safety (the Cornerstone Courses), Margit came through yet again, for no compensation and for the ultimate good of the association.

We do not overstate it when we say that NASMM may well not exist today if not for Margit Novack.  It was Margit who first brought together the founding members at her home in Philadelphia. And, as NASMM’s founding Board President, Margit – along with her Board colleagues – launched this association with equal parts passion, integrity and purpose. It is a legacy we all enjoy today.

Margit’s cumulative, ongoing achievements and positive impact on the field are notable and worthy of national recognition. Thus, today, we establish the Margit Novack Award for Outstanding Contributions to Senior Move Management to recognize, in a permanent and enduring way, Margit’s imaginative leadership, exceptional service and continued commitment to advancing both NASMM and the entire field of senior move management.

We hope to name the inaugural recipient of the Margit Novack Award for Outstanding Contributions to Senior Move Management at the 2012 NASMM Conference next January in Austin, TX.

Please join me in congratulating Margit on this high honor. Congratulations, Margit!

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