4 thoughts

  1. This sounds like the birthday gift of choice and I have a birthday coming up in April! Obviously time to drop hints to my beloved. I have always wanted how useful they are in the real world.

  2. As an aging boomer myself, you are spot-on! I have had my iPad for several months now and I don’t know how I managed without it! Even with my reading glasses I am always enlarging pages. I have email and Internet on my phone, but this is so much more useful to me for general everyday use because of the size. So easy to use too. I have found myself recommending it to senior clients, especially those who hang on to too many magazines and books.

  3. I cleverly bought an IPAD for my husband, and then immediately usurped it. In addition to appreciating the ability to increase font size, I like that it provides me with options for being online besides sitting in front of my computer. Ergonomically, changing positions is great. Besides, using the IPAD is fun.
    I am waiting for clones and new products so I can provide IPAD-like tools to my Team Leaders.

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