One Friday Morning 04.15.11

Two weeks ago, we debuted a new and, hopefully, permanent blog posting that will appear every Friday morning highlighting just one item for your review. The post may be a single article, quote, photo, infographic, video, etc. that captured our attention during the last week. But it will be just one, so you can move on and enjoy your Friday. We look forward to your comments on these special posts as well.

My sister emailed this quote yesterday, and I immediately thought of our 600+ NASMM members.  NASMM’s group of entrepreneurial members have successfully launched senior move management businesses through sheer force of will, perseverance, and commitment to the mission of serving older adults and families.  Agree with Calvin  . . . or not? Let us know.

2 thoughts

  1. After keeping in touch with many doing similar things over the years, we may not have always felt our businesses were successful, but those of us who kept plugging away at our dreams are the ones still hanging in there and paving the way for others. That feels like real success.

    1. LouAnne, you and your early NASMM colleagues truly paved the way for this entire profession. It’s still evolving, of course, so your persistence is still required. Thanks for being a great role model for newer NASMM members!

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