One Friday Morning 07.29.11

AMAZING! This sport requires the endurance of distance swimming and track, the strength and power of water polo, the choreography and artistic grace of dance, and the figures, leaps and spins of figure skating performed in an unstable medium. Check out this team of “mature” synchronized swimmers from an active adult community, Laguna Woods Village, in Laguna Beach, CA.

If you can, take a moment to watch this 10-minute video.
It’s about a lot more than swimming.

It’s about surviving.

The Aquadettes of Laguna Woods Village

One thought

  1. Interesting and inspiring! This video is well worth the ten-minute investment to be introduced to a side of aging that is not always visible and the reflections of a remarkable individual. Would love to see the Aquadettes in action — and meet them all afterwards! A terrific group and a very special “spokesperson” — really enjoyed the “virtual visit” — thanks for the introduction.

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