A Blog is Born

Hi everyone,
As I write this 88th blog post (wow – yikes – amazing!), my heart swells with pride that we have finally persuaded NASMM’s Founding Board President, Margit Novack of Moving Solutions in Philadelphia, to launch her own blog. Margit has been a Senior Move Manager for almost two decades – long before anyone knew what it was or what to call it. She has, I know, thousands of wonderful stories about each of the older adult moves she has managed. We’ve been asking her to share just a few of these stories with everyone else via a blog. (Loyal readers of this blog will recall my post from last January 26th, celebrating the NASMM Board’s decision to establish an award in Margit’s honor – to recognize her many and various contributions to the senior move manager profession.)

But Margit’s a busy gal – in addition to Moving Solutions, her senior move management company, she also leads eSMMART, her senior move manager training company. Additionally, she is heavily involved with fundraising for breast cancer research, etc.

Though Margit’s time is limited, her enthusiasm for senior move management is legendary.

Well, she’s finally done it: Margit is blogging! She’s written two posts thus far, and they can be found here. I encourage you to subscribe to her blog however you usually subscribe to these things – Google Reader or via email, etc. You will not be disappointed.

I always learn something after talking with Margit, and it’s usually something I didn’t even know I didn’t know.


2 thoughts

  1. I am seeking to return to writing my blog post on a bi-weekly basis; it is a great way to both learn and share. I do have one question. Has using Word Press been a helpful source for your writing? Thanks, Ann Hutchens, Creating Divine Order.

  2. Yes, Ann, I like the WordPress.com platform quite a bit. it’s very user-friendly and intuitive. The learning curve is moderate. I looked at your blog posts just now and they are great! (www.creatingdivineorder.com) Hope you can continue writing, sharing, learning. Blogging consumes a great deal of time, but it’s worth it – both personally and professionally. *** Thanks for commenting on the NASMM blog.

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