One Friday Morning 09.23.11

Throughout the week, I surf around the web and explore the websites of Senior Move Managers in the US and Canada. A significant majority are NASMM members, but some are not. (The folks who do not belong to NASMM are usually the recipient of a friendly email, inquiring if they are aware of NASMM – the national non-profit trade association that supports the Senior Move Management profession. Some sites broadcast their membership in NASMM, by displaying the NASMM logo, and they are NOT NASMM members. Their email from me: not so friendly.)

This random web crawling is a crazy hobby of mine, but I also will find something new and interesting – which I often share with you on this blog. Our members are doing wonderful things out there!

Here’s a very short video testimonial for NASMM member, Transitional Assistance & Design (located in Maryland). Joel and Susie Danick, TAD’s owners, are strong NASMM supporters! In fact, Susie served as NASMM’s Board President in 2009, and Joel spoke at a past NASMM Annual Conference.

Check it out. Susie is on the right  in the video, listening to her client, Charlotte Gottlieb.

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