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  1. Fantastic article and sooooooo very true… I have had this discussion with many senior clients. Can’t wait to share this with them.. I think sometimes we’ve lost the value of what’s really important..
    Thanks Again..

  2. Thank you! It is a crazy time to be alive, isn’t it? Maybe that’s what everyone has said since time began. Not sure, but I know it feels upside-down these days . . .

  3. You have hit the nail on the head in so many ways! I’m pretty tech-saavy, and my 8-year-old teaches me things every day. Now, when she is with her 84-year-old grandmother, technology doesn’t even come into play. Grandma is writing a book — by hand. If my daughter was completely adept at reading cursive, she might be typing the book for her grandmother. (Do you know that keyboarding is taking a front seat to handwriting classes in many elementary schools?) But instead, they are happy to draw together, while Haven soaks up the knowledge her artist grandmother is more than willing to pass on. Wisdom is still king — or queen.

  4. Upside down situations–

    We have warning after warning against smoking, yet so many people do it.

    People work harder to make more money, yet get caught up in more debt and thus have as little disposable income as they had before.

    Great post!

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