One Friday Morning 10.07.11

 In Memoriam: Steve Jobs

The New York Times states, “Artist, role model, innovator, life-changer. Those words popped up repeatedly on Wednesday in the outpouring of emotional responses to the death of Steve Jobs. Many people described the impact they felt Mr. Jobs had made on their own lives and businesses. He was, they said, a singular force. And many passed along the news with their iPads and Macintoshes and iPhones, simply because these devices of his creation had become so integral to their daily lives . . . . Twitter briefly buckled under the mass of Jobs-related messages, a veritable technology 21-gun salute.”

When I saw the following quote, I thought of  our NASMM Senior Move Managers ~ who are also pioneers in a new and emerging field because of a passion to do great (and satisfying) work.

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