When I Get Older . . .

Happy New Year! Whoa, I apologize for not posting here for over a month! Truly, I wanted to write so many times, as we’ve observed so many things we wanted to share with you. Time just did not allow me the opportunity to do so. Jennifer and I are working 24/7 on the fast-approaching 2012 NASMM Conference. So many details are involved with two of us planning and executing a 4-day professional conference for 350+ people! We love every minute of it, but we are forced to prioritize our time. As a result, blogging was (sadly) put on the back-burner this past month. The good news is 2012 will be our largest conference to date!

Following the NASMM conference in mid-January, we will return to blogging, tweeting, and posting on Facebook and LinkedIn all the observations, stories, videos and more that we find during the course of our work on behalf of NASMM. Until then, I thought you might enjoy this short video clip:

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