Coming Back from Way, Way Back

Good morning!
I’ve not been very consistent with blog-writing this year, but I’m bound and determined to get back on track. The good news is Senior Move Management (and NASMM) are exploding ~ just as expected. Several years ago, a New York Times reporter interviewed me for a feature article about SMM…and he scolded me a bit for my thrill at reaching 300 members throughout the US and Canada. He asked me if I realized these 300 folks would need to serve 76M Baby Boomers in the coming years! I want to email and let him know NASMM is now the professional home to approximately 850 (& counting) Senior Move Management companies just three short years after that conversation.

What else is going on in Senior Move Management? In the world of aging services? You are welcome to check out NASMM’s most recent newsletter, Moving Matters – published just yesterday.

In 2013, we’ve launched a professional Accreditation program and a peer-to-peer mentorship program (for NASMM members only)! Plus, we are deeply embedded in NASMM 2014 Conference planning. We’re hosting 400+ Senior Move Managers and exhibiting vendors in paradise, eh, I mean San Diego, CA February 22-25. The full Conference brochure and schedule will be released mid-September.  The hotel property is fantastic…we can’t wait for everyone to see it.




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  1. Thanks NASMM! Appreciate the training and fantastic resources you provide. Looking forward to the February conference.

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