Mourning Peg Guild

All of NASMM is mourning the sudden loss of one of its most charismatic and effective leaders, with the death last Saturday of Assisted Moving’s Peg Guild in Raleigh, NC. Suffering from a rare and aggressive cancer only diagnosed a few weeks ago, Peg was a 2-term NASMM Board President and current NASMM Board member. She also was a current member of the NASMM Ethics Compliance Commission (NECC), as SMM ethical considerations were always a key priority for Peg. Lastly, Peg was the inaugural recipient of the Margit Novack Award for Outstanding Contributions in Senior Move Management.

Peg was full of life until the end of it. She was well-known for her abundant compassion and subtle kindnesses, her quick, self-deprecating wit, and her expansive intellect. We have lots of Peg stories to share, as you all do too…but one recent one comes to mind. Take a look at the NASMM 2014 Conference marketing video below. Peg (with her shock of white hair) occupies the first several seconds of this 1-minute video. In the first draft sent to us by the producer, nearly half of the video was populated with “Peg” segments. When we asked the producer to tone it down a bit (less Peg and more others) he said she was “hands-down” the most compelling voice for the association. Peg laughed her characteristically hearty laugh when we told her about it…take a look.

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