The NASMM Crowd! by Danny Proctor – a poem

March means St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and NASMM couldn’t be more proud to share a poem with you written by our only NASMM member in Ireland, Danny Proctor of Senior Move Managers Ireland, Ltd. Danny captures the essence of Senior Move Management® in this eloquent, lyrical verse. Thank you, Danny!


Through the eyes of a gentleman faced with the
decision to downsize.


The NASMM Crowd!

Wondering where to start with all this,
On my own, my partner I do miss.
For she would be there to be the muscle,
Behind the sorting, hustle and bustle.

Now I can lift a box or two,
But I can’t handle the overview.
She was the one that would organise,
I would moan and throw up my eyes.

But now I know the strength she had,
Was to carry me and keep me from going mad.
The stuff that has our souls built in,
Sorting now, oh what to bin?

The things mean so very much to be,
Space in the new home; far from free.
Now I have to try keeping what is dear,
Memories trashed are what I fear.

It’s going oh so very slow,
But to my smaller home I must go.
I need to start a new chapter now,
Tears will remain and that I vow.

But I’ve heard about a group of people,
That do all and might even climb a steeple.
For I heard that they have compassion,
And will sort and even keep you in fashion.

Do they really pack and measure,
And help you sort through your treasure,
Do they really sense our loss?
And ensure they’re careful with what they toss.

If I can really get such a person,
Tears will turn to certain reason.
If they are even patient with me,
Sure that would help set me free.

It’s kindness and compassion I surely need,
To help with each and every deed.
It’s really hard to let go of my place,
It’s even harder to do it with pace.

So I will definitely pick up the phone,
As I simply can’t face this alone.
My dear wife would be very proud,
If I get help from the NASMM crowd.


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