Iris Downsizes! Go Iris!

Tonight on PBS, August 1, 2016: “IRIS”

IRIS (2015) 10pm Eastern on PBS.

With her enormous round glasses, lavender hair, boldly hued outfits and shop’s worth of costume jewelry seemingly worn at once, Iris Apfel should look all wrong. But somehow she gets it exactly, fashionably right. In this documentary, Albert Maysles follows Ms. Apfel, now 94 and a self-described “geriatric starlet,” as she shows off her Park Avenue and Palm Beach homes, or rifles through her closets and demonstrates how she puts together her outfits, the subject of a 2005 exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “There are few better ways right now to spend 80 movie minutes than to see ‘Iris,’ a delightful eye-opener about life, love, statement eyeglasses, bracelets the size of tricycle tires and the art of making the grandest of entrances,” Manohla Dargis wrote in The New York Times.

Why is this film on a blog about Senior Move Management?

When I first encountered Iris on Netflix a few months ago, I was spellbound by Iris’s massive clothing and accessories collection she had stored for decades in a vast warehouse in NYC. Mounds of furniture and other home accessories that had caught her eye five months ago (or fifty years ago) were also tightly packed into this enormous storage space.

Check out this short clip (which I shot on my phone) of Iris walking  with the filmmaker through the storage loft, as she finally realizes the overwhelming burden of her lifelong collections. Iris clearly understands she needs to downsize, as she is slowing down and can no longer care for her many “things.” Iris is wistful, a bit sad, and yet motivated to clear out and move forward as only she can do. You’ll meet her husband, Carl, who is also in his 90s – her partner in lifelong collecting. Take a look.

(If you miss it on PBS tonight, Iris is also available through Netflix under “documentary” or you can watch the full movie on the PBS website here:

Fun & fascinating!


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