Hurricane Harvey and NASMM

Senior Move Management is, at its core, a helping profession. It’s no surprise that all of NASMM feels the need to help those suffering from Hurricane Harvey’s destruction. We have received inquiries from many of you about how NASMM can help.

Honestly, in the interest of time and the urgency this situation requires, we encourage everyone to contact the relief agencies of their choice. Later, we can organize something more NASMM-related, but this crisis demands our immediate attention.

The Today Show offers a somewhat unique and modern twist to donating to those in need. They identified the Houston and Texas area agencies that are creating online “wish lists” on Amazon. You may purchase specific items these groups desperately need, rather than sending a check or texting a direct debit amount – although these are excellent ways of helping out as well.

Houston NASMM member MaryLynne Cappelletti, of Comfort Moves, recommends donating to the Houston Diaper Bank. MaryLynne notes, “Just imagine, for one moment, the agony of older adults in these horrendous circumstances, having fled for their lives and now in need of something so personal.” As Senior Move Managers who work every day with our older adult clients, what could be a more appropriate call to action for us?

Additionally, we understand that most relief agencies do not issue adult diapers as a matter of course in their outreach efforts. The quickest and most effective way to donate is to go to the Houston Diaper Bank website. Another option is to go to the Texas Diaper Bank Disaster Relief Wish List on Amazon. If you scroll down to the bottom, you will see two options for adult diapers.

NASMM made a $500 donation today to the Texas Diaper Bank Disaster Relief Wish List on behalf of our entire membership throughout the US, Canada and the world.

Thank you for your generosity with each other, your clients, and those who need our help in TX and now western LA.

To our members in the impacted TX and LA areas, we are praying for your safety and those you love! All of NASMM holds you close to our hearts.


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